Ivo Rusev

Based in Barcelona, Spain, Ivo is leading the project Privacy HQ by applying a diverse skillset and professional background. His experience was gained by working in the business fields of cybersecurity software research and development, data collection project engineering, SEO and media buying.

Graduating Uni-Duisburg-Essen, Germany with B.S in Computer Science and Communicational Engineering he started his career as a SEO & PPC Specialist back in 2008. Back then his focus was on leading the development of a wide array of automation systems aimed to improve the efficiency of digital marketing workflows. Eventually that resulted to him being subsequently a Search and PPC R&D and department manager in various companies focusing on training, recruitment, growth hacking, reverse-engineering and taking advantage of search engines’ ranking algorithms.

Being hands on with servers, networks and having constant drive towards cybersecurity has played a major role in his transition to the tech management sector. A notable part of his career is his tech lead position in a global VoIP service provider, building the systems and infrastructure and structuring the defense mechanisms of a number of Internet Service Providers as well.

By using all the above-described experience Ivo was a CTO of a cybersecurity company based in Lausanne, Switzerland which is servicing the needs for protection, e-reputation management, data collection and due diligence of various banks, institutions and corporations from the finance sector in Europe, Asia and the US.

Armed with experience from all kinds of viewpoints he is now investing his time and knowledge by working with the brightest in the digital privacy sector to build a knowledge base on all things privacy.