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How Secure Is My Password Tool?

Password managers are perfect for those of us with dozens of passwords to remember if we want to stick by the rules of always using strong and complex passwords

Senior Citizen Internet Security Resources

If there's one thing that the Covid crisis has shown us, it's the value of online resources. It's now possible to do just about anything without leaving the house, ordering food deliveries, having medical consultations by video, or just chatting with family and friends.

How to Teach Children to use Technology in Environmentally Friendly Ways

When it comes to the issue of technology and the environment, one aspect that tends not to be discussed is whether there is a way to help kids learn to use technology in environmentally friendly ways?

All You Need to Know About Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is a complex phenomenon. Here, you can learn all you need to know about it, including the basics, statistics, receive friendly and expert advice. The Internet has so many benefits attached to it.


What Funds Your Internet Fun

How much do internet users actually know about online services such as social media, and what makes them free?

Data Privacy Rankings - Top 5 and Bottom 5 Countries

Users of online services have an expectation of how their personal data will be used. Still, with the internet linking users with services around the world, the reality is that the rules and regulations depend on where in the world you are.

Government Accountability and Data

How does the American public view the transparency efforts of local, state, and federal governments, and who do they trust to keep their data secure? A survey of over 1,000 Americans combines with data on hundreds of thousands of FOIA requests to dig into the issue.

Five Eyes Demystified

There are lots of myths around Five Eyes. In the last few years, the countries involved have officially acknowledged the existence of the Five Eyes agreement in public forums.
Social Credit: How Do I Stack Up? Tags: #data#nft

Survey: Americans Divided on Social Credit System

A study into Americans’ opinions on whether there should be a social credit system, how it should be built, and the consequences of a low score.
Online Art Auction Experiment Tags: #data#nft

Online Art Auction Experiment

We conducted an online art auction experiment where respondents placed hypothetical bids on famous art and NFTs. Which pieces garnered the highest bids?