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How to Teach Children to use Technology in Environmentally Friendly Ways

Did you realize that technology can help us live more sustainably and save the environment? Thanks to advances we’ve made in the past decade alone there are tools you can use to help protect the planet and our future.

Technology allows us to reduce our energy consumption and we have apps that allow us keep track of our carbon footprint and be more conscientious when making decisions. Both of which benefit the environment.

Senior Citizen Internet Security Resources

If there's one thing that the Covid crisis has shown us, it's the value of online resources. It's now possible to do just about anything without leaving the house, ordering food deliveries, having medical consultations by video, or just chatting with family and friends. Online services have been invaluable for the older members of society as they shield themselves from the virus.

How Secure Is My Password Tool?

Password managers are perfect for those of us with dozens of passwords to remember if we want to stick by the rules of always using strong and complex passwords that are never re-used or written down. The availability of low-cost, high-performance computing devices and cloud processing solutions means that guessing simple word-based passwords takes seconds. Even for reasonably strong passwords, brute-force password attacks that took years can now be completed in a few hours.